【gleeシーズン5第5話使用曲】You Are Woman, I Am Manのオリジナルとの比較と歌詞紹介



You Are Woman, I Am Man】の歌詞を紹介します。




You Are Woman, I Am Man



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You Are Woman, I Am Man歌詞

You are woman, I am man
You are smaller, so I can be taller than
You are softer to the touch
It’s a feeling, I like feeling very much
You are someone I’ve admired
Still our friendship
Leaves something to be desired
Does it take more explanation than this?
You are woman, I am man
Let’s kiss
Isn’t this the height of nonchalance
Furnishing a bed in restaurants?
Well, a bit of dinner never hurt
But guess who is gonna be dessert?
Do good girls do just what mama says
When mama’s not around?
It’s a feeling
Oy vey, what a feeling
A bit of pate
I drink it all day
Should I do the things he’ll tell me to?
In this pickle what would sadie do?
In my soul I feel an inner lack
Just suppose he wants his dinner back?
Now I feel that there’s a fire here
Try that once a little higher, dear
What a beast to ruin such a pearl
Would a convent take a Jewish girl?
You are woman,
you are man,