【gleeシーズン3 第1話使用曲】Ding Dong the Witch Is Deadのオリジナルとの比較と歌詞紹介歌詞紹介


海外ドラマ【glee】の中で、シーズン3の第1話「メンバーチェンジ」で使用された楽曲の中から【Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead】の歌詞を紹介します。



Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead




【Barbra Streisand & Harold Arlen






Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead歌詞

Once there was a wicked witch
In the lovely land of Oz
And a wicked old, wicked old, wicked old witch that never ever was
She filled the folks in munchkin land
With terror and with dread
‘Til one fine day from Kansas
A house fell on her head
And the coroner pronounced her dead
And through the town the joyous news went running
The joyous news that the wicked old witch
Was finally done in

Ding-dong! The witch is dead

‒ Which old witch?
‒ Well, uh,.. the wicked witch!
‒ Oh

Ding-dong! The wicked witch is dead

Oh yeah, happy day
Wake up you sleepy head
Rub your eyes, and get out of that bed
Wake up, the wicked witch is dead

She’s gone where the goblins go,
Below, below, below yo-ho
Let’s open up and sing and ring those bells out
Sing the news out

Ding-dong, the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the wicked old witch is dead!
Why everyone’s glad
She took such a crowning
Bein’ hit by a house is even worse than drowning
Let ‘em know the wicked old witch is dead!