【gleeシーズン1第1話使用曲】Where Is Love?のオリジナルとの比較と歌詞紹介

大ヒットドラマGleeで使用された曲であり、シーズン1の第1話で使用された【Where Is Love】の歌詞を紹介します。

Where Is Loveとは




Glee – Where Is Love?

Where is love?歌詞

Where is love?

Does it fall from skies above?

Is it underneath the willow tree

That I’ve been dreaming of?

Where is she?

Who I close my eyes to see?

Will I ever know the sweet “hello”

That’s only meant for me?

Who can say where she may hide?

Must I travel far and wide?

‘Til I am beside the someone who

I can mean something to …


Where is love?


Who can say where…she may hide?

Must I travel…far and wide?

‘Til I am beside…the someone who

I can mean…something to…


Where is love?